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Best Savings Rates

When it comes to who offers the best savings rates in the marketplace our experience has been that there is a list of common suspects.

Here is the list of the banks that consistently have some of the Nation's HIGHEST SAVINGS RATES and that we would recommend you open an account with.  In order of preference:

  1. Emigrant Direct
  2. AmTrust Direct
  3. Capital One Direct
  4. E-LOAN
  5. ING Direct

Here is a list of banks that we do NOT like either because we have noticed that they change their terms too often or because that they add special conditions to their rates (e.g. you get their special rate only on the months that you have used a minimum of 2 times their billing system):
  • Citibank
    Why not?  Their products seem to come with special conditions and they have been consistently dropping the savings rate on their e-Savings Account

  • HSBC Direct
    Why not?  They used to advertise a high rate that expired after a certain point of time to a much lower rate.  However, to their credit, they seem to have stopped this practice.

Good luck,
Your Financial Ally

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